Derby City Litho Featured in Insider Louisville!!

“They are fabulous. They can take an idea and just go with it. I always go in every year and sit down with the graphics people and say, ‘This is an idea I have about what the front cover might look like,’ and they just take off with it and before I know it, they come by and say, ‘What do you think of this or that?’  It’s brilliant!  It’s what I like to call a working team with Derby City Litho.”

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Fold of the Week - Large Sliding mailer

If you need a new idea to grab the attention of your audience, this Fold of the Week is for you. Most mailers are usually made for a large quantity of recipients to garner a response from as many people as possible. This sweet, interactive mailer goes against convention. It is large and extremely colorful with variable data printed directly on the front. It uses not one, but two pullout panels that each ask part of a question.

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Fold of the Week - Unzip A Business Card

Trish at Foldfactory showed us a nifty business card recently. First, it has a tear strip like you would expect find in a self seal cardboard mailer. After opening, the business card unrolls to allow more room for presentation. What a wonderful thing when real estate is at a premium with many business cards. See more at the link here: Fold of the Week.

And remember, stay folding, San Diego!

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