How did you do that?

You might have received a pretty little shiny piece in the mail from us recently, promoting the new Derby City Litho website. We are letting the designers and printers here go a little wild with the corporate pieces, so we have been receiving a lot of the same question:  "Ooooooh!  How did you do that?"  So, we wanted to let you in on our design secret.

This piece was created by a two-step process with metallic inks and varnishes.

Step One: Print a solid PMS 8220 metallic with the large URL address reversed out.

Step Two:  Mix PMS 8223 metallic 50-50 with varnish and reverse out all of the URL addresses. 

The list of adjectives on the back of the card was also printed with a tinted metallic varnish, this time using a 50-50 mix of varnish and PMS 877 silver. 

There is a possibility that you didn't get one of these little gems in the mail.  (We promised that we mailed it. The guy in the office next door might have taken it.  Keep you eye on him, he looks suspicious.) Derby City thought that people may want more samples, so we printed extras. Just call your salesperson directly or give us a ring at (502) 560-1440, and we will be happy to get more to you!

Trevor Rowe