Top Five Reasons We Love Direct Mail


In the past ten years alone, the numerous ways that we communicate with each other on a daily basis has changed more than at any other point in history.  We regularly mail, text, email, facebook, call, and even speak face-to-face.  Businesses, too, have quickly ventured into online and electric marketing to target clients.

And with new forms of communication come new questions.  What is the most effective way of speaking to your customers and potential customers?  Directly, of course.  

Although a tv or magazine ad may be viewed by a huge audience, if it isn't seen by your exact target audience, it is an enormous waste of money and effort.  The goal is to narrow down the specific businesses, clients, or people that you want to target, and personalize your message specifically to them.  

The advantages of sending a highly refined message to a select group are numerous.  The main reason, of course, is that you will spend less by only mailing to the audience who is most likely to respond to your offer.   Another point in favor of direct mail is its reliability.  Everyone skips checking their email, turns off the tv, or stacks up unread magazines if they are tight on time, but nobody forgets to check their mailbox.

The Top Five Reasons We Love Direct Mail:

1.  It can be effectively targeted to your audience.
2.  You can track the piece and calculate your ROI. 
3. You don't have to hire an IT guy to code a direct mail piece.  
4. Extremely refined mailers can be sent for specific promotions or events.  
5. Mailings are easy and cost-effective when you work with Derby City Litho. 


Jenny Payne