The USPS Early Christmas Present!


We all know that the US Postal Service has struggled in the past years to be more cost effective and automated. An increase in price has been a common side effect of their efforts. Rates since the year 2000 have risen a substantial $0.16 per piece of mail. That addition is nearly half of the price before the new millennium. The rate increases have, however, helped the USPS to build more revenue and lose considerably less money. That is why this year, USPS has given us an early Christmas present. There will be no price changes for the first part of 2015! Hooray! Mail marketers rejoice!

You should still expect a rate increase at some point next year. One of the big expenses that the Postal Service has is the $5.7 billion dedicated to the Retiree Health Benefit Fund, which is often cited as the major loss contributor.

There is a benefit to the rate increases over the years. Personalized and targeted mail has become a strong marketing tool for marketers and the businesses they represent. EDDM has also become a contender for those who are looking to spread a message through a targeted area. So look to that silver lining and get your message to the masses before the cost of mailing increases again.

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