Who Is Eric Beaulieu?


(Pronounced “bowl you”)

Eric is the Production Manager at Derby City Litho. He showed up right out of a Vocational High School with training in Commercial Arts and the Printing Industry. He will be celebrating his TWENTY-EIGHTH anniversary with our company this year. He began producing printing jobs on our small one-color press and soon moved on up to our first Heidelberg Kord press. Eric was one of many who helped with the growth of the company through his willingness to exceed our customer’s expectations for litho work.

A turning point came for the country boy from Bullitt County as the company prepared to purchase its first two-color Heidelberg press. The kicker was he was asked to fly to Detroit with the owners to check it out. Eric had never been on an airplane. To say the least about that trip, he flies high as an eagle in our eyes, as he runs our production department,  but don’t ever ask him to fly in a plane again…it isn’t going to happen. That’s a tribute to our “down to earth” Eric that we’ve grown to appreciate.

That press was purchased and delivered and Eric ran it for several years. Again, as Eric’s expertise and skills continued to grow, as well as that of other co-workers, our company expanded again. This time a five-color Heidelberg press was in Eric’s hands and he held that position for several years.

More recently, Eric has become the Production Manager, who motivates and directs all press, digital and bindery production. Co-workers look to him for answers each day. Through his years at Derby City Litho he has accumulated much knowledge and many skills that he proudly shares with them.

Our company is a family owned business and we pride ourselves in the longevity of its success. Eric is a successful family man and we feel that makes him fit even more perfectly into our work family.

These thoughts are presented by Joe Nash, Owner of Derby City Litho


P.S. Be watching for other bios of our Derby City Family who have also worked at Derby City for many years.


- Jeanette Eads