Happy Fortieth Anniversary, Joe Nash!


I was asked to hold a pen in my hand
And expound my view on a certain man.
What an honor and joy it is for me
To tell you all about our history.
We’ve worked together for a very long time
And his integrity is on a scale of sublime.
Our customers believe that he hung the moon
And he taught us our skills to make it come true.
We’ve all work together standing side by side
Because our leader is an awesome guy.
To be in this business for forty years
Takes a unique person that has no fear.
So hang in there Joe for a few years more
And give me the chance to continue my roar.
We’re not just co-workers, no indeed
We’ve become family, You and Me!

Written by Jeanette Eads


Thank you, Joe, for your 40 years of dedication to your community. customers, and employees.

*Joe and Jeanette have been keeping customers happy for nearly 30 years! Thank you, Jeanette.