The Best Worst Font

In the design world, there are few things as hated as terrible, overused fonts. Usually these are system fonts that come preloaded on a computer before it made its way into your home. It isn't that these fonts are bad or unusable per se, but it is how these fonts are used. Everyone agrees that the most inappropriately overused font in the world is Comic Sans, while Papyrus is a strong runner-up. Let's be honest, you either love them or you hate them. Comic Sans is everywhere, yet it can be difficult to find someone who will actively say it is the best thing since sliced bread save the people at Comic Sans Project. Papyrus even has its own demonizing websites, but not to the extent of Comic Sans.

Each of these fonts have a place in this world. Comic Sans does have a place in this world: speech bubbles (like a comic). This was actually the original intent. It was created specifically to be a comic style voice of the little helpers in your old computers through the program Microsoft Bob. Rover, a little cartoon dog, was Bob's main assistant that would later reappear as the search helper in Windows XP. He was similar to Clippy in older versions of Microsoft Office. Rover would offer suggestions to you through a speech bubble that would change depending on what you were trying to accomplish. It seemed a lot better than the Times New Roman that was used while still in development. Sadly, Comic Sans was completed too late to be used in Microsoft Bob. Papyrus, on the other hand, was developed to be a combination of a script font and more traditional roman lettering to give it a more worn look. It does have an antique look to it, helped by the pen and textured paper used to initially design the font. They have each stood the test of time, lasting for 21 and 32 years, respectively.

But now there is a new terror roaming the internet. It is the lovechild of two hated individuals, and its name is Comic Papyrus. A font that seems to be more of a joke than a desire to have a usable font; a way to condense your hatred of two items into one focal point. The designer, Rob Barth, even said as much in an interview with the Huffington Post:

"Well. The font doesn't really exist, per se. I merely designed the sample that is posted on my blog. I was really making a statement about the inordinate amount of time people spend bashing fonts online. I mean, there are font arguments on forums and in comments sections that go on for miles. Eventually everyone agrees that Helvetica is great and goes to bed. I wanted to provide a font that allowed critics to save time by hating both Comic Sans and Papyrus at once."

So let us all now enjoy how much we despise this newfound horror together. Maybe spread the word to everyone you meet with some of Barth's Cafepress swag. Enjoy!