Fold of the Week - Large Sliding mailer

Amazing Sliding Dimensional Mailer. Trish Witkowski shares her super-cool folding samples and helpful production tips.

If you need a new idea to grab the attention of your audience, this Fold of the Week is for you. Most mailers are usually made for a large quantity of recipients to garner a response from as many people as possible. This sweet, interactive mailer goes against convention. It is large and extremely colorful with variable data printed directly on the front. It uses not one, but two pullout panels that each ask part of a question. That question is what ties the whole mailer together. It asks in a more specific manner, which side of the coin will you choose? Quantity or quality? The piece itself defines for you which answer should be chosen based solely on the example that it gives of itself. Quality is the answer: both quality of the design and production, and quality of the question and the thought that went into creating the mailer.

The use of black paper is an intriguing example as well. Most digital print engines cannot utilize anything beyond the standard four colors of Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black. This piece not only prints white, but does so well enough to make the image look almost as though it was etched in a metal plate and painted over in areas with some very strong colors enough to highlight the face even more. The gradations alone in the skin tones are smooth and seem somewhat like a vapor of sorts.

This is certainly one piece that will stay in the customers' minds for months to come.



On an exciting note, Derby City Litho will be receiving a new machine with the ability to print in either white or clear. This will give us new capabilities to bring to all of our wonderful customers, like you. We are super excited, and will give you updates on our progress into the future of print!

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