Fold of the Week - Rolling Cube

Trish Witkowski comes with another entrapping fold this week. The rolling cube is one of those products that has a fun factor built into it. You just can't put it down. We here at Derby City Litho have used a similar product that is a continuously folding card that has received continuous praise and enjoyment from anyone who gets their hands on one. You pretty much turn into a kid again. This box takes the idea a step further by adding more dimensions. The fact that a piece like this does not lay flat is one of the most important aspects of its design. It cannot be hidden under other items easily, and can be shipped to a client's door. Where this design stands out above others is that there are multiple messages that are not only repeating, but keep the customer engaged due to the hands-on requirement to view each of those messages. It truly is one of those pieces that you cannot put down. If you would like to see more of Trish's explanation of the product, check it out on FoldFactory's youtube channel here: