Social Media and the Power of Print

Communication is a wonderful thing. When done well, a message can inspire action throughout an audience. Before the American Revolution, for example, propaganda was used to spur the desire to separate from England before war broke out 1775. The recent ALS ice bucket challenge has been a more recent campaign, growing awareness and inspiring donations over $100 million to combat the terrible and destructive disease.

There are many different forms of communication used by the world today. Two of the most common types employed by organizations large and small are social media and print. Each method has its advantages in today’s competitive arena, and has shown to be a tremendous benefit in spreading ideas and knowledge to an intended audience. Electronic communication, such as social media, has empowered many individuals and groups alike to further their goals to a mass market.  Although it is a recent innovation, social media has exploded in popularity, due to social media’s ease of use coupled with the rise of mobile devices among the general population. Not to be overshadowed, print has always been a tried and true method of sending and retaining information, even before Gutenberg's printing press became the standard method for spreading a message though the masses. "Print is portable under all conditions, offers greater authority, carries more weight, and has staying power," claims Eric Frank, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at KBA. Printed works have enjoyed the benefit of being more trusted than other forms of communication, even with today’s rate of information exchange. A physical copy also has the value of being viewable and transferrable without needing a power source and, with the sheer volume of electronic messaging, it has a much higher chance of being noticed.

So which method should you choose? Why not both? "Multichannel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be where your customers are,” states SAS, a business data analytics company. That is one of the major reasons why so many businesses have adopted social media as an additional way to reach their customer base. Remember to keep the message consistent across all media in order to see the best results. This will keep a repeatable pattern that customers will be more likely to recognize, gaining your company a more favorable position in their minds. Check out IKEA’s new innovative and amusing campaign promoting their 2015 product catalog to see one of the latest examples of how to use multiple communication techniques to spread awareness to your customers.

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