Your Font = Your Voice

Print is all about communication. Communication is a message combined with a voice. In print, the voice is the typeface used. For instance, when you think of a wedding invitation, how do the words look? Usually a cursive style font with large, thin curves that seem dainty, free, and happy. An investment or accounting firm? Straight, somewhat blocky and thick lettering, and usually look like they could be carved in stone. Sports? Large, thick letters that look like you could not push them over if you tried, yet full of energy.

You probably don't get geeked out over typefaces like we do. Well, it is our job and desire to be passionate about the printed or displayed word. We printers and designers simply cannot help ourselves. What about you? You are more interested in typography than you realize. It is one of the elements that draws you to make conclusions about an idea or purchase one product over another. Visible words have character, and character has meaning to you. It is defining. After all, you probably wouldn't use an accounting firm with a fancy wedding invitation font, would you? So give some thought to that next document you create, and picture in your mind what you are trying to tell others about yourself. Watch the TEDx Talks video to see just how moving a few letters can be.

TED Talks ft. Sarah Hyndman - Wake Up & Smell The Fonts