10 Cool Presents for Designers

All under $50!

The holidays are approaching, which means it is almost time to buy your favorite designer a present.  Rather than another gift certificate to Starbucks or a big tin of popcorn, check out these cool gifts and gadgets that they are sure to love.

We all know that designers doodle.  In meetings, on the phone, and just when they are working on their latest genius idea.  This book gives them all the streets of New York to graffiti up, with a incredible photos just waiting for them to tag.


The only trouble with smart phones is that they are useless in the winter with your snuggly gloves on.  Finally, a cool answer to this problem - gloves fitted with a special capacitive thumb and index finger tips.  Translation:  you can use your iPhone or iPad with your gloves on.


Designers are always attempting to educate people on the properties of magnets and of slow-moving liquids.  Plus, they like to fiddle with stuff.  This putty is magnetic, so in addition to kneading, bouncing, and playing with it, you can use the included rare earth magnet to make it do your bidding.


If your designer is incredible, but not, uh, prompt, then Clocky is the answer.  This alarm clock gives you one chance to get up and get to work on time.  But,if you decide to snooze, then Clocky's wheels take it running off the table and all over the room until you catch it and turn it off.


This paperless, LCD writing tablet allows you write, sketch, or leave messages and erase at the touch of a button.  The board is 8.5" x 5.5", ultra light (4 oz.) and thin (1/8 inch).  One may not be enough.


Holding paper together without using staples seems obvious, but will elicit choirs of "cool!" from the office.  The stapler works by punching out a small strip of paper and folding it back over and through the sheets, forming a buckle stitch.  Makes for easier recycling and shredding without the staples, too.


Working with a Magic Mouse is great. The rechargeable batteries hold up well, but they still need to be swapped out frequently.  Mobee makes really cool chargers that recharge wirelessly while you rest your mouse.


Go old school this Christmas with a fabulous wreath that brings back the video games that made us who we are today.  Crafted of foam, the wreath features shiny gold coins with blinking yellow LEDs.  Sweet.


Keep your designer charged up (or at least keep their cell phone charged) with the Ray Phone Solar Charger.  It has a suction cup for use on your windshield, and a built-in kickstand that tilts to grab maximum sunlight.


Lazerwood Keys

Lazerwood Keys

While most designers drool over Mac computers, the cold metal feel can be off-putting.  You can add the warmth of wood with cherry or walnut veneers for Apple desktop and laptop keyboards.

$40 -$45