Back Up
(1) To print on the second side of a sheet already printed on one side. (2) To adjust an image on one side of a sheet so that it aligns back-to-back with an image on the other side.

Usually a department within a printing company responsible for collating, folding, stitching, and trimming various printing projects.

An image file format that refers to rows and columns of dots or pixels which represent the image.

Rubber-coated pad, mounted on a cylinder of an offset press, that transfers the ink from the plate to paper. 

Printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming.

Blind Emboss
A raised impression made without using ink or foil.

Bond Paper
Category of paper commonly used for writing, printing and photocopying. Also called business paper, communication paper, correspondence paper, and writing paper.

Book Paper
Category of paper suitable for books, magazines, catalogs, advertising and general printing needs. Book paper is divided into uncoated paper (also called offset paper), coated paper (also called art paper, enamel paper, gloss paper and slick paper) and text paper.

The reflective quality or brilliance of paper which affects contrast in printing processes.

A work printed on one side of a large sheet of paper, much like a poster.

Build a Color
To overlap two or more screen tints to create a new color. Such an overlap is called a build, color build, stacked screen build or tint build.

The thickness of paper relative to weight.

Butt Register
Register where ink colors meet precisely without overlapping or allowing space between, as compared to lap register. Also called butt fit and kiss register.