Eggshell Finish
The finish of paper surface that resembles an eggshell achieved by omitting the calendar process. Reference, calendar rolls.

Electronic Composition
The assembly of characters into words, lines and paragraphs of text or body matter with graphic elements in page layout form in digital format for reproduction by printing.

Electronic Proof
A process of generating a prepress proof in which paper is electronically exposed to the color separation negatives; the paper is passed through the electrically charged pigmented toners, which adhere electrostatically, resulting in the finished proof.

Elliptical Dot
Halftone screens in which the dots are actually elongated to produce improved middle tones.

A unit of measurement equaling 12 points or 4.5mm.

A common finishing process which presses an image into a paper which creates a raised image. Also called cameo and tool.

A term that describes a glossy coating on paper.

The four sheets that attach the inside pages of a case bound book to its cover. Also called pastedown or end papers.

English Finish
A grade of uncoated book paper with a smooth uniform surface.

A printing process where images such as copy or art are etched onto a plate. When ink is applied, these etched areas act as small wells to hold the ink; paper is forced against this die and the ink is lifted out of the etched areas creating raised images on the paper.

Equivalent Paper
Paper that is not the brand specified, but looks, prints and may cost the same. Also called comparable stock.

The specs used to calculate the price of the print project for the print buyer. Includes the basic parameters of the project, such as size, quantity, colors, bleeds, photos etc. The term Estimate also refers to the final projected cost.  Also called bid or quotation.

The process of producing an image on a plate by the use of acid.

A patented method of binding perfect bound books so they will open and lay flatter.

Even Smalls
The use of smaller sized capitals at the beginning of a sentence without the use of larger sized caps.

That stage of the photographic process where the image is produced on the light sensitive coating.

A white pigment added to a colored pigment to reduce its intensity and improve its working qualities.