Fan Fold
Paper folding that emulates an accordion or fan, the folds being alternating and parallel.

Felt Finish
Soft woven pattern in text paper.

Felt Side
The top side of the sheet that does not lie on the fourdrinier wire in the paper making process, compared to the wire side.

Filling In
A fault in printing where the ink fills in the fine line or halftone dot areas.

The surface quality of paper. 

Finished Size
Size of product after production is completed, as compared to flat size. Also called trimmed size.

Flat Size
Size of product after printing and trimming, but before folding, as compared to finished size.

Method of printing on a web press using rubber or plastic plates with raised images. Also called aniline printing because flexographic inks originally used aniline dyes. Abbreviated flexo.

To print a sheet completely with an ink or varnish. Also called painting the sheet.

Flush Cover
Cover trimmed to the same size as inside pages, as compared to overhang cover. Also called cut flush.

Flush Left
Copy aligned along the left margin.

Flush Right
Copy aligned along the right margin.

A leaf at the front and back of a casebound book that is the one side of the end paper not glued to the case.

Foil Emboss
To foil stamp and emboss an image. Also called heat stamp.

Foil Stamp
Method of printing that releases foil from its backing when stamped with the heated die. Also called block print, hot foil stamp and stamp.

Papers that have a surface resembling metal.

Fold Marks
Markings at top edges that show where folds should occur.

Gatefold sheet bound into a publication, often used for a map or chart. Also called gatefold and pullout.

Folio or Page Number
The actual page number in a publication. 

The characters which make up a complete typeface.

For Position Only
Refers to representational copies of photos or art used on mechanical to indicate placement and scaling, but not intended for reproduction. Abbreviated FPO.

Form Rollers
The rollers that come into direct contact with the plate of a printing press.

Each side of a signature (or sheet) of paper.  Also called forme.

In Binding, the process between folding sheets and casing in, such as rounding and backing, putting on headbands, reinforcing backs, etc.

Four-color Process Printing
Technique of printing that uses black, magenta, cyan and yellow to simulate full-color images. Also called color process printing, full color printing and process printing.

A machine with a copper wire screen that receives the pulp slurry in the paper making process which will become the final paper sheet.

See For Position Only.

French Fold(er)
Folder with printing on one side so that when folded once in each direction, the printing on outside of the folds.