Using a broadsheet as a measure, one half of a broadsheet.

The adhesive quality of inks.

A dense, strong paper stock.

Tensile Strength
A paper's ability to withstand pressure.

Text Paper
Designation for printing papers with textured surfaces such as laid or linen. Some mills also use 'text' to refer to any paper they consider top-of-the-line, whether or not its surface has a texture.

A printing process whereby slow drying ink is applied to paper and while the ink is still wet, it is lightly dusted with a resinous powder. The paper then passes through a heat chamber where the powder melts and fuses with the ink to produce a raised surface. Also called raised printing.

A halftone screen that contains all the same sized dots.

Tip In
Adding an additional page(s) beyond the normal process (separate insertion).

The rough surface finish of papers such as vellum or antique.

Touch Plate
Plate that accents or prints a color that four-color process printing cannot reproduce well enough or at all. Also called kiss plate.

Inks that do not block out the colored inks that they print over, but instead blend with them to create intermediate colors.

To print one ink over another or to print a border over an ink. The first liquid traps the second liquid. When one ink prints overtop of the other, trapping compensates for mechanical shifts such as stretching of the paper, and provides an overlap of color to prevent unprinted paper from showing in the final printed piece. 

Trim Marks
Marks placed on the sheet to indicate where to cut the page.

Trim Size
The size of the printed material in its finished stage (e.g., the finished trim size is 3 x 9).

Twin Wire Machine
Fourdrinier papermaking machines with two wires, instead of wire and felt side. This assures higher quality when two sides are used for printing.

The difference in feel and appearance of either side of a sheet of paper due to the papermaking process having a felt and wire side.

A spelling mistake in printed material resulting from an error in typing or setting type.