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There have been many changes over the years with many more to come in 2015. Everyone wants to increase their profits and have a strong brand recognition. The big push lately has been with the many forms of  social media and other sorts of internet based software. Around the office, though, we see a number of companies who moved to an all digital marketing and advertising strategy not receiving the results they were hoping. These companies are beginning to utilize more printed marketing materials combined with their online presence. Thankfully, this is a direction that many other companies are moving toward as they see their combined efforts gain greater results. The thing to remember most is that everyone pays more attention to one form of communication than others. When a consistent message is repeated often across different channels to the right audience, the results are even greater. Here at Derby City Litho, we have been pushing personalized pieces a lot lately as one aspect of your communication capabilities. One of the larger companies doing variable data, DME, has directed themselves to help their customers understand this approach. Here is a little of what they have to say:

Think about it … we now live in a world that allows us to have it our way in almost every aspect of our lives. The courtship between a business and an individual is no different. In fact, studies show that people expect advertisements to be targeted to them or they are likely looking elsewhere. In fact, 74% of consumers get frustrated when content appears to have nothing to do with their interests (Source: Janrain & Harris Interactive). You may know this in theory or from personal preference. So how does one put targeted messaging into practice?
This is where variable-data printing comes into play. Traditional offset printers have always been able to add a personalized address label onto a static mail piece. Black laser overprint allows us to add a little more personalization. But how do you then take personalization to the next level? After all, that’s what marketers, and ultimately the buying public, are asking for. The solution is to personalize customer engagement with unique variable data.

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